In-Home Occupational Therapy

In-home health occupational therapy (home health OT) helps older adults and seniors live independently by ensuring that they have the appropriate skills and competency to perform daily activities. Our highly trained occupational therapy practitioners will visit your home, perform an in-depth assessment of the home environment, and tailor a custom treatment plan to meet your needs. Your occupational therapist will take into account all behavioral patterns such as your sleep schedule, diet, daily routines, and more.

Your occupational therapist will survey your home environment to ensure that you are able to move around properly without risk of injury or falling. In some cases, they may recommend making alterations to your home with adaptive equipment, such as:

  • Safety bars in the bathroom.
  • Walk-in showers / bathtubs
  • Power lift recliners
  • Non-slip flooring

How In-Home Occupational Therapy Works

Occupational therapists use a variety of techniques and training methods to help seniors live independently for as long as possible. These techniques may include exercise, training / education, rehabilitation, and more. Whether you are having issues getting around your home, getting dressed, bathing, or using the restroom, occupational therapists can help. In addition, occupational therapists help teach patients to do daily tasks safely according to each patients' abilities. In some cases, an in-home occupational therapist may use fun everyday activities like puzzles, games, or arts and crafts to help seniors sharpen fine motor skills and keep their brain sharp

Goals Of Occupational Therapy

Each patient's goals for their in-home occupational therapy visits may be different; however, they typically all revolve around improving quality of life and ensuring safe, independent living conditions.