In-Home Speech Therapy

In-home speech therapy may be necessary when a patient is having difficulties with communication, eating, and swallowing. This may be evident with a person not being able to find the right words or having trouble expressing themselves. They may also have slurred speech or trouble with articulation. Other warning signs may be choking or coughing when eating or having a history of pneumonia. Our trained speech therapy professionals can step in with avaluable assessment, strategies, and training to overcome these difficulties.

You Should Consider In-Home Speech Therapy If a Patient Is:

  • Have difficulty or delays in responding to questions.
  • Have recently experienced a stroke.
  • Have suffered a head injury.
  • Are experiencing symptoms of dementia.
  • Are having difficulty eating or swallowing food

How In-Home Speech Therapy Works

A highly trained speech-language pathologist will come to your home, perform an in-depth communication skills assessment, and tailor a customized treatment plan to meet your needs. A speech therapist can help a patient with language, voice, cognition and swallowing problems with treatment techniques that include, but are not limited to:
  • Word-picture associations
  • Melodic intonation therapy
  • Constraint-induced language therapy
  • Swallowing training
  • Food consistency recommendations